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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get the data?

We have an agreement with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to use their data for our services. Once we get the data from CDOT, we run it through our own algorithms and reformat it before delivering it out iPhone app and websites.

Is your API available for public use?

Sorry, our API is currently only for our own internal use. Please email us if you are interested and if there is enough interest we may consider opening up our API.

How often is your data updated?

As per our agreement with Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we are allowed to refresh our data every 2 minutes.

Camera images do tend to take a bit longer and are generally updated every 10-30 minutes. This is due to how CDOT collects and delivers the camera images and is outside of our control. Please note the circles on the top right of each image. These circles will indicate the age of the camera image. More info about each can be found by clicking on the colored circles.

Why is the pass closed when you say it open or open when closed?

Since our data comes from Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), we rely on them to report the closures. If you feel that a status is inaccurate, please report it via the "Support/Report an Error” form in the footer.

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